8 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Your Lipsticks!

Use Your Lipsticks

You can create many different looks with lipsticks these days. There are metallic lips, there are hombre gradient lips, there are vampy lips, and even that weird lollipop lip trend. There are other ways you could use your lipsticks.

Liquid lipsticks included, here are eight ways you could use your lipsticks other than on your lips.

1. You can use your lipstick to color correct. Do you remember that phase where everyone was putting red lipstick under their eyes to hide the dark circles? Well if you have super, super dark circles that might work for you but you can use a peachy shade from The Kat Von D liquid lipstick in “Noble”. Dot some underneath your eyes and blend it out with a beauty blender. The peachy tone will help neutralize any darkness under your eyes, so when you apply concealer on top it won’t look ashy.

2. If you have a brown lipstick or something that will complement your hair color, you can use it to fill in your eyebrows. A matte lipstick would work best for this. Use “Sepia” from Anastasia Beverly Hills and use a small angled brush to apply it. Start it in the middle of brows and draw small hair-like strokes. Then use a cotton tip to blend out the side of my brows to make it look softer. Next, clean up the shape with a tiny bit of concealer and voila, we are done.

3. If you want to change up the hair colors of your brows, you could also use your lipstick. Just grab a disposable or old mascara wand, and use it to apply the lipstick over your hairs. You can use the shade “Bow & Arrow” from Kat Von D.

4. You could use your lipstick to contour. Obviously, this will only work if you have a suitable shade of lipstick. You can use the shade Siss from Mac because it’s a neutral color and has a satin finish, which makes it easy to blend. Use the lipstick to map out the areas on my face that you want to sculpt and then blend it out with your Mac 163 brush. If you’re going to try this, remember to apply powder to the areas to make it last longer.

5. Is an oldie, you can double up your lipstick and use it as a blush. You find that cream textures work best for this as it is most easy to blend. Use your fingers and apply it to your cheeks with a patting motion. This will give you a supernatural look like you’re blushing from within.

6. You could use your lipsticks as eyeshadows by using the Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in “Childstar”, and just dotting a small amount onto your lid and blending it out with your fingers. Then blur out the edges using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Now if you want a soft wash of color you can stop here, otherwise, you can add more colors on top. You can add a darker shade. Veronica from Anastasia Beverly Hills uses it to apply it on the outer corner and blend it up.

Now because liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented, to use a small amount and slowly build up the intensity and a little goes a long way with this. Once you finish the rest of your eye makeup, you can’t even tell you used lipstick.

7. A really cool way to make use of your liquid lipsticks is to use it as eyeliner. To feeling bold and adventurous use a blue liquid lipstick. This is “Who’s Zooming Who” from Too Faced. Use a small angled brush and draw a flick on the end of my eyes. Then slowly follow lash line to create a cat eye look. Voila, we have a graphic liner.

8. This last one is great if you want to experiment with colors. You could use your liquid lipsticks as colored mascara. This trend is definitely making a comeback. And if you want to try it, all you need is a mascara wand and a liquid lipstick. You can vibrant purple called “Unicorn” from Too Faced, and using it to brush through my lashes like normal mascara. If you want to lock in the color and make sure it stays put, simply apply an extra coat of clear mascara over it.


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