Applying a Lip Stain – Gives Your lips Color All Day

Applying Lip Stain

Normally when you think of the word stain it has a negative connotation to it, but in unique and in makeup stain has a wonderful, wonderful connotation to it and in unique our lip stains mean that it will stay on your lip all day, and who doesn’t want that? What woman does not want her lip color on her lips all day?

Now the first thing I like to do to just make sure that my lips are ready and prepared for the stain is to use our lip exfoliator. Our lip exfoliator is great for both men and women and children it really is just great.

Just like other parts of our body, we need to exfoliate dead skin. We need to do the same thing with our lips. So I’m going to do with my exfoliator. You want to just put it on. It is a really sweet, sugary scrub, and you can do like that with your lips or take your finger, and then you just want to wipe it off and that is going to make sure that your lips are all the same texture and surface when you are applying the lip stain.

Now what I like to do is take our lip pencil first and outline my lip and that’s going to help me prepare and define where I want to put the stain. Now our lips liners are smudge proof, waterproof, wonderful you can actually color your lip, put a little gloss on it and use that as a lip color.

But the lip color, the lip stain Sappy. It is one of my favorite stains because it just looks great on everyone. I like to start in the center of my lip and then work to the corners. Rub my lips together and do the top. It is one of our most neutral colors. It is just a really simple look. It is just a very natural, it is not too red, not too pink, and if you let it dry it will literally stay on your lips all day.

So like I said I know that you can also line with the lip stain, but I just know that if you’re just starting out a lot of times you see this color and you are shaky, so I just say use your lip liner, it is just like when you are young and you are coloring in the lines at school, it helps you keep in and it’s buildable, so in other words, I could keep applying it and get a deeper, brighter color, or I can leave it as it is.

Now once it dries, if you love this color, rock with it all day. If you don’t, once it dries, you can put a completely different lip color or splash lipstick on it and if those eventually wear off during the day, you are still going to have this wonderful base color underneath.

So isn’t that a great way to wear your makeup? So if you have not tried our lip stains, I guarantee you are going to love them. You can browse, shop, and look all the different colors that are available.


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