Best and Worst Liquid Lipsticks

Best And Worst Lipsticks

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

A red one called strawberry that recently launched by Anastasia Beverly Hills is such as bright red color. It’s like a Reddy-Orangey, this is pure Hollywood. Crush is a little deeper and honestly, they are really pretty if you mix this two together, so some liquid lipsticks that did not work out for your girl are the Urban Decay liquid lipsticks.

Now I heard a lot of bad things about these before I even used them. Until then I was a wee bit skeptical about using them and I was like maybe they’re not bad maybe it’s just like here and then I used them and girl I did not like them what so ever. It is not so much that the formula is drying. It is more so that they are so streaky. And you have to put on like 10 layers to get a nice even color and all.

Now the ones that are ones that are not shimmery are not nearly as streaky as the shimmery ones. The shimmery ones are a hot mess! The darker the color the streakier they get, I don’t know there is just not a lot of even pigmentation in the shimmery ones. When you get them on your lip they are all over the place. So I’m not going to recommend these to you.

Morphe lipsticks

These are more affordable I believe these are $12. Because Morphe is known as a more affordable brand and I was like, liquid lipsticks? They’re big on brushes and eyeshadows. They were fabulous and are just as good as any of the high-end liquid lipsticks. The formula is great. I don’t want to say they are drying but they are just all of them drying but I mean they are just as drying as any other liquid lipstick. They are not specifically. They don’t crack all over your lips.


Bloodshot is just such a beautiful deep red color however you do have to add a few layers to get it on perfectly. However, once you get it on it feels so nice and it’s so beautiful on the lips.

Quick Tip with Liquid Lipsticks

They are very drying and if you have peel lips. If you have really peel lips try drinking an extra amount of water and it really can cure it overnight.

Unicorn Blood

It’s like a red with like a burnt brick orangey undertone to it like brown sienna to it. I don’t know there is not a lot of this color going around.

MAC Liquid Lipstick

It was way too drying. It would literally just crumble off my lip and get on my chin. I don’t know what the problem was honestly. It would literally just break off my lips it was so drying. But I recently got a PR package with a bunch of new shades and they had to have changed the formula because I believe tones of other people who I’ve talked to. We all love the new formula I don’t know if they’re now making the old colors with the new formula or not so I haven’t repurchased those. But the new formula is great. The stuff would crumble off my lip. This is informingly fabulous and it is almost black but it is a deep plum.

The liquid lipstick is tough to create and the darker the color, they are just more drying. So you just have to find the right brand that gets the dark color done right and doesn’t crumble off your lips, beware of the new colors.

The Wet and Wild Liquid Lipsticks

I feel like at the drugstore, every time they come out with a new liquid lipsticks it’s actually more of a whipped situation and I personally like a liquid lipstick that is a liquid but dries down to a matte finish and it’s really hard to find that but yeah one of the most affordable brands in the drugstore came out with an actual matt liquid lipstick that is kiss proof and it is wet n wild and they are five dollars apiece and they are just as pretty as they are affordable.

They are a little bit thin but once you layer them up, they don’t crack, they are not too drying, they are extremely long lasting and they look beautiful on the lips.

Color Pop Liquid Lipsticks

They are too drying and they crack into a million little pieces of lips. They are only six dollars so it’s a total bummer and a little too drying you know.


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