Best Nude Lipsticks for Pale Skin


To focus on things that I know about like my pale skin so to me, if somebody is pale or fair-skinned, if they wear the couple lightest shades in a foundation range but they have to add white to their foundation like I normally do, to me that means the person is pale or fair or porcelain or whatever you want to call it. Don’t despair, just because this is a pale girl’s guide to nude lipsticks it doesn’t mean that you might not like the lipsticks that I feature or that the colors might not look good on you if you are a different skin tone.

To begin, these are my nude lips and they are a little red and irritated because I just exfoliated them and put on a lip balm so that they would be nice and soft because we’re going to watch a whole bunch of things and probably hurt my lips.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay, this color is Violate, and it’s like a pale pink color with a purple undertone. If I ever don’t know what to wear, this is the color I reach for and this is a color that often goes in my makeup bag because I do love it so much. If you just want like a nice clean look with just a little bit of mascara or your brows done, I would also recommend this color. It’s a very office safe color but I feel like it’s because it has that purple undertone, it has a little bit of a fun twist to it so I love it.


This is a pale light pink color. There is also a shade very similar to this in the NARS line, I believe it is called Anna. On me, I feel like it looks sort of like a pink that’s a little bit dusty, it’s a matte finish. Basically, this is Anna and this is Violate and this one just has more like a warmer pink to it.

NARS Stripped

NARS Stripped, this is in the Velvet Lip Glide formula. On me, it’s like a pale peachy nude. This is NARS Bound; this is more of a pinky nude. See, it is a dusty pink on me. If you compare it to Stripped, it definitely looks more like a dusty pink. I really like the shine in this when the shine wears off your lip was more matte, satin matte stained. It’s very comfortable to wear so if you are looking for a new liquid lipstick formula, this is one of the best formulas that came out of 2016.

Tarte Texas Toast

This was part of the Bunny collaboration Grav3yardgirl. I actually love this color on me so, so much. I think it is super flattering even though it’s a darker nude color, Texas Toast. You can see that it is basically like a pink that has some brown tones to it and even a little bit of a gray undertone.


Crush, it is neutral pinky nude. I feel like on me it still shows a little bit of a peach tone. You can see it’s the bottom swatch here.

Tutu Lip Gel

This one can work as my lips but better, it has a hint pinker to it that I think more closely matches my lip color. I put it here on the bottom swatch.


Crave has the barest hint of mauve to it or mauve, whatever you want to call it. It is a deeper mauve pink; it’s the bottom swatch here.


I absolutely love this color, it’s called Pulse. It’s a plumy nude. Again, it is on the hydrating side and I feel like if you want something super easy for if you’re just like running out the door this is a great color. It’s also perfect if you have a smoky eye going on because it gives you just a little bit of depth.


Swag is basically a deeper version of Slay. Here is Swag on my hand and on my lips.


This is like a gray lavender taupe color. I love this one; I love the gray tones in it. I think it’s beautiful. It has a slight citrus scent that actually smells like citrus to me, so you can see the pink and the gray tones.

Jouer Tawny Rose

This is such a beautiful color. I bought it not even sure if it was going to be great on me. Jouer’s matte liquid lipstick formula is my favorite matte liquid lipstick that does not budge and Tawny Rose, but it’s what it sounds like. It’s like a rosy nude. It’s definitely a beautiful shade. I feel like I get the most compliments lately when I wear Tawny Rose or Bronze Rose. It’s more of pinky beige in comparison.


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