Bridal Lipstick For Ethnic Skin


For lips, which are going to finish off this look, I don’t want something that’s too dark or something that is too light, but we want something that is going to flow with the look, kind of in the plum family, but something a little brighter.

So what I am going to do is I am going to mix, since she’s got nice, full lips, I don’t need to use a lip liner. What I’m going to is mix a nice sheer berry lipstick with a clear lip gloss. And, I love mixing. You can do this at home. You can mix your own colors.

I just want it to be a nice, sheer kind of berry stain on her lips. But I want it to look glossy, but not too sticky. So, I’m going to apply a nice, thin layer to her lips with a lip brush of the mixture. And then you could, you know, make it darker or lighter as needed by either adding more lipstick or lip gloss.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Like a sheer berry stain. Something that’s not going to be too crazy, dramatic, but it still has a little bit of oomph to it.

Now again, if you want edit glossier than this, you could add a little more gloss. Or, if you didn’t want it as glossy, and you wanted it darker, you could add a little more lipstick. When you combine a clear lip gloss with anything, any color, and make your own custom lipstick or lip gloss. And this goes perfectly for this eye look. It’s just something really nice and sheer.

Since the eyes have a little bit more drama to them, you don’t want to do too much on the lips. But something that’s a little more dramatic. Again, this is a big day, and you’re going to have photographs done, so you want to stand out nice. Making this whole look goes really pretty.

This is a pretty neutral bridal look. It’s got a little bit of flare. It’s not too natural. And it can go with any ethnic skin type beautifully.


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