Easy Puprle/Mauve Glam Look Makeup For Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes Makeup

If you want to add some trendy purple to your makeup, but a little bit frightened? Tried so many eyeshadow brands and eye primers but the color just doesn’t show as rich as it looks. What eyeshadow color and lipstick color look best on me, the tricks about choosing and applying purple makeup for brown eyes?

Before doing this, you need to ask yourself which occasion are you’re going to attend. Are you going to a concert, or you are just going to work? Let’s talk about the under skin tone pull your sleeve up and look at your vein, under the sunlight.

If the vein on your wrist appears blue you are cool tone. If the vein on your wrist shows yellow-green, you are warm tone. If your veins appear blue and green your neutral tone, so you can wear both cool and warm tones.

To Make the Eye Shadow More Pigmented

I’ve tried so many different ways eye primers, eyeshadow as a base, none of them works. Especially I use the eye glue and that just makes everything even harder. Then there is the good news I found out that applying nude Lipstick as base color works, so if you have the same problem try that. Since I’m warm undertone I like to choose either mauves or mauve pink as my eye color the eyeshadow palette. I use is called Too Faced chocolate gold.

1. First, l put dark purple right above my eyelid and then I use the light brown color as a secondary transition color. Use a blending tool to blend in.

2. Then I used the Dark forest green color to apply just the corner of my eyes to create more depth. I also use the same purple as the eyeshadow color to put it under my eyelid.

3. To make my eyes look more consistent and bigger I use magenta color to apply on top of the purple to make a more pinkish purple.

4. For the eyeliner, I chose a darker shade of purple to create a more consistent look Instead of choosing the black which is just too much.

5. My lips are super thin so I have to use a lip concealer to cover the whole Lips and colors first, and then I apply a nude lipstick color to reshape it.

6. Make it look more natural and try to make my mouth look bigger and thicker. I chose to use berry purple color.

7. Since I am warm skin tone and pinkish purple always looks better for me. So I draw swoosh on each corner of my mouth to create the illusion of smiling.

8. I use the same Eyeshadow color purple to apply only the inner part of my lips to create more death.


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