How I Depot Lipsticks Into A Palette

Depot Lipsticks

Let me tell you a move with lipstick palette. By default, the preparations will need lipstick palette knives, alcohol.

Use alcohol more than 70%. Sterilize all tools with alcohol and lipstick sterilization. Now choose your required palettes. The transparent and choose something that is a lot of space, while the portable side, If the cap has no relation with any palette. You do feel free to put lipstick on the fan. Then you can pull into a palette. I am a fan of various shapes and dimensions.

You can also make the sample palette with multiple colors is built using a small fan. And I am relieving you use the product can be cleaned using a little lipstick. Alternatively, you can throw away your cosmetics case you use instead of the palette. You may use the sword, but I’ll use a spatula to have just demonstrated.

You can use a lipstick or a top, middle part or lower part. Sterilize the place to work. I was working on, easy to clean aluminum foil in the end.

First it easy and fast to use lipstick you up a part of the recommendation. But I never used lipstick, and if you want to use a clean section, please use the middle or bottom, renal to use the bottom half to cut the top of lipstick and take out the lipstick in the coffin. Put lipstick and end up in the coffin.

I have been using chopsticks would only demonstrate that Hasineunge sterilized gloves do best, but acceptable with clean hands. In order to use lipstick middle portion cut gave the lipstick tube top and also cut the middle part.

After that, gently dissolve the remaining top to attach lipstick to the coffin again. But also lipstick short, how like a little cumbersome, so is not. Please dissolve on lipstick is prepared by applying heat to the second’s range.

Chamber into the pan, but feel free to rust while in the fans and be careful not to burn the bottom of the pan. And immediately poured into a lipstick palette if the rust. Return Pallets side put lipstick on a pallet can be broken only when the lipstick lead about 2-1 minutes to be put in the microwave.

The amount of moisture lipstick can also fly and wait until the lipstick melts. Put lipstick on plastics and also how to move to the next standard pallets crushed by hand, put lipstick on a pallet can also directly crushers way.

My favorite method is how to put lipstick on a pallet is raised above the plastic and then crushed by hand at once, while it is pretty easy and the result of the method is that saves time. Lipstick mash is why when I am holding in order to avoid falling in the palette.

If for cosmetic tidy away the lipstick contains the palette you do break bother coming. Once you are, please label. It is also recommended immediately stickers on the pallets.


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