How to Apply A Cream Lipstick and Matte Lip Cream Tips

Matte Lip Cream

Some of us love our cream lipsticks, but the problem with our weather is that it does tend to bleed because of constantly talking; it’s just difficult to keep it in one place. A really simple trick that is keeps your cream lipsticks in place without feathering. Now just before you get started to take a tiny amount of dusting powder.

1. Make sure you have all the oil and moisture around your mouth away.

2. To keep your cream lipsticks in place, just find yourself a clear brow set gel or a clear mascara because what happens when you use these is, it dries without you know any kind of texture so there is no shine or anything like that keep a Q-tip handy, something like this with a really sharp tip is great but otherwise a normal Q-tip, if it will go in, is great too.

3. You need a tiny amount of product nothing too visible just line your lips. Once it is dried take your favorite cream lipstick. Just going to work that in.

4. Now this is such a creamy lipstick, had I not done something to keep it in place, it would have bled.

Of course, a lip liner would have done the trick but the thing is if I didn’t want to line my lips like I don’t know, this is the best way and that way you can’t even see the lip line, so it looks natural and fresh and it’s a great trick! And if you don’t think that you can come across one of these brow setting gels, there are several clear mascaras across brands available in the country.

Lip Cream Tips

1. The first thing to do is exfoliate lips. We know that it’s going to get rid of any of the dead skin on top of your lips.

2. Use a lip plumper, because it’s going to plum up any of the fine lines within my lips. So throughout the day, it still combats the fine lines.

3. Another tip that I like to use is a lip balm but it has to be a special type of lip balm.


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