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The Basics of Makeup

A key step in having a flawless lipstick application is making sure your lips are well prepped. You can use the Smith’s Rosebud Slave and apply all over your lips.

Roll that across your lips this is going to take off any excess product as well as exfoliate  dead skin that we have.

Lip Primer

The Mac Prep and Prime Lip is the best lip primer and the NYX lip primer is also a great drugstore alternative. Lip primers are great because they are going to give you some added moisture as well as prolong the wear of your lipstick. You can find that they protect  lips from drying out if you have a very matte lipstick.

Lining Your Lips

Lining your lips, how to line your lips with a clear liner as well as a colored. We are going to start off with the clear, you can use the Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ozone is what you are going to be using today. Clear lip liners will help with any feathering or bleeding so all you want to do is apply that to the perimeter of your lips. If you really want to define your lip shape then you want to use a colored liner this is also going to help your lipstick last even longer cause it’s going to give you a waxy base.

Make sure this liner is well sharpened because you want a very crisp line. You can also go for a nude liner if you don’t have any that actually matches your lipstick that will also prolong the wear. So you can start out by defining your cupids bow as you can see I do this by creating an x. Go from one side at the very tip of the point of the cupid bow and pull downwards and then repeat on the other side.

Add a Line on the Bottom

Add a line on the bottom of your lip, so don’t use the point. You can put it on its side so you can drag it along. That’s going to help you get really clean crisp lines and have more control.

Line the Outer Corners

Line the outer corners of my mouth, by pulling upwards.

Connecting x to the Corners

Connecting from that x and pulling down to the corners and repeat that on the other side. Right now we are not going to be over lining, just defining the shape of our lips. So you can use pink, this gives you stability, so you plant it firmly on your chin and use that so your hand isn’t shaking while you are creating the lines.

Now go from the outer corner and dragging that downwards connecting that bottom line. And then go ahead and fill your entire lip.

You don’t have to do this step if you don’t find that your lipstick really needs any help in lasting, but if you are having any trouble with your lipstick being patchy or you want this to last all day go ahead and fill your lips all the way in with the colored lip pencil. This is just going to give you a waxy base and prolong the wear even more.

Go ahead and give your lips a rub together to that you are diffusing that through all the line.

Now is when you want to correct. Your lips are not every symmetrical so go ahead and over the line just to make them look a little more symmetrical. This is going to vary depending on your lip shape. So start at the cupids bow and work on your way down. When you are working and the corner you want to be mindful to not over the line this very far if you want a more natural look because this is where it can start to look artificial.

So now that your lips are lined, we are going to go in with our actual lipstick color. You can the MAC Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème in Goddess. Don’t use a brush for the entire time. So you can apply that to your bottom lip and then the top lip being mindful to not go over the line we created. And then smack your lips together so that the color diffuses well.

Lip Brush

Using the Sigma Lip 05 brush and use this just to define your lips, so you bring the product all the way out to the perimeter of where we applied the red liner or your clear liner. And just run this along using the base so the actual furred than the top as your leading point. This is going to help your lines be a little crisper. If your lines got a little bit wonky somewhere we can quickly clean that up it is not an issue.


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