How to Choose the Perfect Lipstick?

Perfect Lipstick

In these days, lipsticks come in so many colors that it’s very hard to choose only one.

  1. First, you have to identify what skin tone you have warmed, cold or natural. Then, you simply have to match skin tone with a lipstick color of the same characteristics, in other words, a warm or cold color. Remember that natural skin tones go with everything. Warm colors are those which have more red pigmentation. The cold ones have more blue pigmentation.
  2. An easy way to find out what is your skin tone is looking at the veins on your wrists. If they are green your tone is warm, is they are purple your tone is cold and if you have both colors is natural. Before applying lipstick is important that you hydrate them so they will look soft.
  3. This is very important that you outline your lips because the lip liner will act as a barrier that will keep the lipstick in its place. If you want a natural color looks for one that its two shades darker than your natural lip color. It will highlight your skin but it will still look subtle.
  4. To make the lipstick last longer apply lip liner all over your lips to create a baseline and then, apply the lipstick with a pencil to have a better control. On top of it apply some compact powder and after apply another layer of lipstick to create more intensity.
  5. Finally, introduce your index finger inside your mouth while you make an “O” and take it off. This will avoid lipstick stains on your teeth.

Here is a tip for those who don’t like bold colors.

  1. Apply any kind of chapstick on your lips, and after adding a pinch of a bold lipstick.
  2. Use your finger to smooth it out and you will get a subtle color but still noticeable.

This is a trick for those who like nude lips.

  1. Take a bit of your regular foundation and put it on your lips.
  2. Remember to remove the excess and to outline your lips with a natural color so they won’t look dead.
  3. Finally, apply some gloss to add volume.

To make a colored gloss stand out, the best you can do is create a base with compact powder. These ones will make the color brighter and that the gloss last longer.

If you want fuller lips, apply some dark lip liner below your inferior lip. Then, add some luminizer above your superior lip and apply gloss only in the middle of your lips to fill them. When we wear an intense color on our lips, we always leave a print on the glass we drink from.

A great tip to avoid this is to sneakily lick the edge before we drink. Use cold colors to avoid that your teeth look yellow. On the left, I painted a warm color, and a cold one on the right. Can you see how they affect the same yellow?

Finally, if you want your lipstick to paint stronger hold it a couple seconds over a candle and it will paint better.


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