How to Choose The Right Lipstick for Your Pigmentation Type

Pigmentation Type

What lipstick color could I use for my make-up? In fact, if it is more going into the orange shades or which colors in general something that’s good for a summerly, fresh look because I am going to explain a little bit from my color choosing system.

A Consciousness of the Right Colors

But let me explain it to you real quick so you know it forever and ever what is good for you. Let me reveal this quickly, you are better off than me! And we are going to do this in front of mirror later again. If you use something on you of warm-toned colors let’s say something like olive or brownish leave your eyes open so we can see your eye color we can see that this color blends in perfectly even as a sweater or so.

Now take a look how this would look like on me. It is like a power extraction and doesn’t support my pigmentation. But this is the advantage of your pigmentation type. Beatrix has to use cold colors, which supports my type and you can also use it leave your eyes open for now because this is an interesting contrast to you. And now it’s the same with the lipsticks. Surely the orange shade is superb for your shirt and a perfect match for your brown eyes. The color supports your type and catches the color of your hair-ends.

But nowhere is the interesting fact regardless to what you are wearing, you could easily also wear, let’s say you were wearing a brownish eyeshadow something natural or nude-ish, and compare it with a pink colored lipstick. It will look perfect on you because the power of the contrast makes it look good.

But if you have a look at your copper/rose gold colored watch it is hardly surprising that you choose this color. That is true Beatrix. But I would say we should go over to the mirror now and out of my 3 to 5 orange shades and brownish shades, which I have a lot more of, which is best for you and match your shirt.

I feel so comfortable and really happy with the makeup. From the orange shades that we picked the shade called “starlet”. It is an orange shade, but how can you see if this shade is warm or cold real quickly?

Because behind every product number is a letter, W stands for warm, C stands for cold. With little hint, you can easily pick your right color. But can you also use something warm-cold? This is because by your brown eyes.

And, to make your lips look perfectly shaped, we also have the matching lip contour-liner. The liner is orange colored and blended in great. The liner has a rotary mechanism and doesn’t need to be sharpened. The professionals always use a lip brush and if you want to apply your lipstick like a professional you use the brush.

Well, now I also want to give you the colors you can use for your pigmentation type. Your pigmentation type is rich and warm. All the colors you can use for a perfect make-up, so you always know which colors to choose from so you can create a color choosing system and consciousness when you shop your next makeup products.


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