How to Get Your Own Metallic Lipstick

Own Metallic Lipstick

To make your own metallic lipsticks and you can then use that same pigment or the same shade you have come up with on your nails to really give a cohesive makeup look.

All we are going to need is some petroleum jelly, the color you decided to want to go for a Rosey gold, rose gold shade. We will be using the Milani baked blush and the Coralina and I love it because it’s all it’s like a marble kind of effect. It is already got some shimmers of gold running through it and then you can use the Makeup Revolution Golden sugar palate for the eyeshadow. Again this is going to help me to get the right shade you are looking for.

Need some clear nail varnish and that’s if you want to do the nail section of this look.

So first things first all we need to do is make sure that we are getting the right shade we want, a lid of, a basic lid here. Made sure it’s all dry and whipped. And then we’re going to blend our shade. Take plastic forks pork. And I’m going to be brushing it like so to really get that color in there in the lid.

  1. Do just sort of forking at it
  2. Do just sort pawing at it

And it’s coming down; the residue is coming down so keep on going. But that’s enough for you to work with here. The same thing I’d be doing again with eyeshadow pallet, taking our little forks pork and we’re going to be going in on this to get that some pigment down. So should be enough to work with.

So now we’ve got our Golden Eyeshadow.

  1. We’ve also got our blush there.
  2. We want to just mix it all together.
  3. Blend it with a hairpin curve grip and when you are done blending.
  4. You should have a really nice pigment but you are quite happy with.
  5. This is going to be the base so basically, we’re going to add everything on top of this.

If you want to paint your nails this color need to take out some of the powder set aside, then mix it with your clear nail polish and if you want to do your eyelids and you don’t want to be shiny then you can also take it out and set that aside and then put on your eyebrows on your eyelids.

So I’m just going to take a section out just for my nails.

Now you got the color mixture you are happy with.

You’ve got two options here you can either just put on the petroleum jelly on your lips and dab this shade on to that or if you know you are going to be traveling and you are going to be on the go and you want something that’s already pre-mixed.

Now we are just going not literally pour our powder on, just sprinkle on. So you can see there is sprinkling, and then we are going to stop and mix the two. Keep on blending it, you should have a pasty kind of substance which you can then put in an empty lip jar or lipstick or anything like that which you can then take on the go with you. Just take a little bit of petroleum jelly not much at all. So that s the petroleum jelly just on, nothing else is on your lips. Take your pigment and then you just dabbing your finger with it. That’s just one coat and there you have a really nice metallic sheen to your lips with minimum effort.

Of course, if you want a thicker coverage just go ahead and dab on a second coat of this, your pigment on and that gives you even more of a heavy coverage. You can really see the metals in the eyeshadow coming through if you’re using gold or a silver eyeshadow.

Now the option with the ready-made paste, these are my lips bear again and we are going to take that paste, the ready-made paste and again just dab that on. It’s quite thick. Now you can use this pigment on our nails and you need some clear nail polish to do this.

Your nail polish, you have to work quickly with this because it gets dry. So go ahead and blend all together. You want to go ahead and just apply this mixture to your nails like you regularly would.

So, now my lips, my nails, and my toenails are exactly all the same shade.


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