Lipstick Hacks – You Need To Know

Lipstick Hacks

All of us have suffered from dry lips at one stage or another, and to treat that, all you need is, a toothbrush, can be an old one, doesn’t have to be a new one and some lip balm.

  1. Firstly apply the lip balm all over your lips, and apply a good generous amount.
  2. Then, you’re going to go in with your toothbrush and use circular motions to exfoliate lips.
  3. Do this for about one or two minutes.
  4. This is going to help get rid of any of the dead skin cells left on your lips, and lip balm’s going to help moisturize your lips whilst you are doing this.
  5. Then all you do is wipe all that dead skin away, and you are left with nice soft lips.

This next hack is for all who have used your favorite lipstick and you only have a little tiny bit left. You need a spoon, a spatula to scoop your lipstick out, and a contact lens case. You can also use any small container you have at home and you will also need a candle.

  1. First, use the spatula and scoop up all the lipstick inside and place it on my teaspoon.
  2. You can see how much product is left in the case, so, you do not want to waste our favorite lipsticks.
  3. Then once it’s all out, you are going to actually place a teaspoon over the flame on the candle.
  4. This is going to melt the lipstick down to a liquid formula and make it really easy for you to pour your lipstick into a container or your contact lens case.
  5. Once that’s done, just leave it aside to cool down and set and it will become hard again.
  6. And now you can still bring your lipstick everywhere and apply it with a brush.

When you apply your nude lipstick, and you look yourself in the mirror, and it just doesn’t look right? Well, it could be because your natural lip color underneath is affecting the color on top. So a good hack for that is:

  1. You can apply concealer or foundation all over your lips, just to knock out the natural color.
  2. Then once that’s on, you can apply your nude lipstick on top. This is going to help keep the nude lipstick true to color.

Another hack for the nude lipstick and that’s going to help you not look so dry and dead and chapped. And the trick is:

  1. Apply lip gloss over it. It makes a world of difference, especially when you are wearing a nude color very close to your skin, and it does wash you out.
  2. By adding a bit of gloss, it just adds a bit of life back to your lips.

Next hack is going to help you with lining your lips

  1. First off, you want to make sure you have a very sharp lip pencil.
  2. Then, you are going to stretch your lips out by smiling slightly, and the first thing to do is draw an x on top lip starting from your Cupid’s bow.
  3. Then draw two lines straight down.
  4. That’s going to help you mark my bottom lip, so just follow those two lines and just draw a dot on each side, and then draw a line connecting the two dots.
  5. Then apply four more dots in the middle of the area that you haven’t lined. That is just going to help us to connect all the dots much easier. It is much easier to draw little lines than one long line straight across. This is great for who don’t have steady hands and like to work slowly.
  6. Then all you do is connects all the dots together. It looks weird now, but once you apply your lipstick, you are going to have the perfect bold lip.

So say you made a mistake and a little boo-boo whilst applying your lipstick. Don’t worry, because we can clean that up.

  1. Grab a bit of concealer.
  2. Then use a flat definer brush, and just underline and cover where you made the boo-boo.
  3. You can even do this trick all around your lip to really define your lip and make it really sharp and nice.
  4. Don’t forget to blend out the concealer.
  5. You can use the brush or your fingers to do this.

Once you’ve nailed your perfect lip color, you obviously want it to last as long as possible, and a good hack for that is you can set it with some translucent powder.

  1. Apply some powder to your lips. So obviously you need some translucent powder.
  2. You need a tissue, but just remove the two layers, and we are only going to use one.
  3. Place the tissue over your lips, and then with a big fluffy brush, grab some translucent powder and just pat that onto your lips.
  4. Make sure you breathe out when doing this step because you don’t want to breathe in the translucent powder.

The next hack for you is going to make your life so much easier when you want to do a gradient lip. So you have got your lip color on already.

  1. Find a lip pencil lighter than that color and then just apply that color to the center of your lips, top, and bottom.
  2. Then you are going to press your lips together, just to smooth it all out and you have a gradient lip.
  3. If you want your lips darker on the outside you can actually use eyeshadow with a small brush.
  4. Apply that along the edges of your lips.
  5. This is actually going to help prevent your lip color from bleeding and also create that nice gradient effect, making the edges darker.


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