Magic Lip Gel – Makes Any Lipstick Transfer Proof

Magic Lip Gel

Magic Lip Gel

The translucent gel, apply after the right lipstick erased without lipstick and I said to also enhance endurance of colors. In Japan, I’d purchase at $ 25 No. I’d thought can purchase on the Internet about a $ 30, however, if this amount seems a little expensive. This example 6g, according to the product description that I can use about 60 times I hear so many looks. The tube is small, so to view using this product, I will use the YSL lipstick. This lipstick is moist pieces.

  1. First, let me rub your lipstick.
  2. The colors are really bright.
  3. This lipstick is really good flavor.
  4. Take the one on the lips

Use a little squeeze on it and then apply lipstick on top, I think too much at the end of the right. The material is slightly Smash Box’s did feel like foundation primer, I think a little soft silicone containing. How much address this again after taking little dry lips to rest once, I’ll try the experiment again. Even if you do kiss on the white shirt, born Bury gel well is dry. The original glossy feeling is that it was replaced with matte, texture on earlier paper lips.

Let me know you how Snap Loose lips next to him. There are also some bloody parts, I think there are better places that I did not apply. But I did not really bear almost none to bury. The lips became a little dry. But I really look touched none of born Bury.

What happens when you use the lipstick of different materials? If the difference between the back and rub on the arm. Then that will be effective once the gel and rub over it. It’s you see contains all Pearl Lipstick. I’m slightly glossy material Matte lipstick or full of liquid material is not. Let me once how what was originally a tissue.

Now I’ll apply the gel once in every color. And then it will be dry while use paper was used again. Press and hold in your hand. There is no effect on pearl enter or creamy lipstick.

Loose Lip Gel

There may be as many as you want to drink a coffee or a kiss on the white shirt, your lips are dry and drier. If those who want to maintain air moisturizing lipstick or gloss will think you do not like. But those who endurance is more important seems to be the really good product.


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