How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Lipstick Last Longer

Some tips and tricks on how to make your lipstick last all night long


1. So before apply the lip liner all I am going to do is take a little bit of concealer and I am just going to put that over the lips to create a kind of a blank canvas, so the lip liner that I am going to be using is called Process Magenta from MAC and I think this is a MAC pro color but any lip liner you can use is absolutely fine, so I am just going to begin but a might not be able to take during this.

2. So now, I have gone right around the edges of my lips and I have looked straight ahead in the mirror and I am trying to find asymmetry in my lips because my lips are actually thinner on this side than they are on this side, so I have to compensate by going over the edges a little bit on this side, just to try and even things out a little bit.

3. So just look straight ahead in the mirror and try to find any areas that need smoothing to match. So once you have got the outline done, it’s really important for the next step and that is to fill it in with the lip liner over the entire lip and that will create a really nice smooth even canvas for the lipstick to be applied on top of.

4. For getting your lipstick to last all night is just to go over the whole lip with a lip liner and then you’ve got a really nice matt texture and the lipstick won’t slip and slide around over your natural lips. If you want to make sure this is going to last even longer than it already wills I had recommended going over with a stain.

5. This is the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain. It’s quite moisturizing as well, so I am just going to go over with this to make sure that there is a layer underneath so that when you’re actually eating or drinking if anything does fade away over the top, this is going to remain underneath and stay in place for hours.

They are really nice as well because they smell quite minty and they are really comfortable to wear as they are very moisturizing, so once you are at this stage you could completely leave it there but if you want to go one step further and make sure that this lip is not going anywhere, you need to try out this top tip.


1. It might not be the most glamorous trick in the world, but trust me it works! Take a piece of toilet paper or tissue if you want to be a little fancier and tear it in half, so you just have one piece and all were going to do is place this over the lips and press in a loose powder with a big brush now what this does is draws out any excess oils from the lipstick meaning that it’s just going to stay forever because the oils won’t allow it to slip around.

2. So I am just going to take a big powder brush, this is some Liz Earle loose powder but just use whatever powder you have and just load up the brush with it. Place the tissue over your lips and press the powder in. I still have the bright color underneath but all that excess oil and that top kind of more slippery layer have come off right here onto the tissue.

3. Now if your someone who has fine lines on your lips or perhaps your getting a little bit older and the lines are becoming a little more apparent or you just have dry lips, I had really recommend going over this with a lip brush you can actually just go in with a clean lip brush over the stain and just really blend it in or you can go over with a lipstick or with a liquor lipstick if you’d prefer a more glossy finish and just really press and rub it into the lips with the lip brush now this will make sure that the lipstick is really blended right into the lip and it’s not just sitting over the top like a film, so take your lip brush and add a liquid lipstick or a just a plain lipstick on its own.

The Rimmel Apocalypse

In the shade apocalyptic, which is my favorite shade they do and just apply that over the top. I am actually going to take just a little more tissue and just blot that, and you will see you just get off the excess. So this lip color is not going anywhere, we have got about 10 million layers of lipstick on and we’re going to make sure that as each one fades off there is something else underneath protecting you from drinking, eating, kissing, whatever you want to do with your bright lipstick on and it is going to last all night long, so our lips are hydrated.

First of all from the lip balm then we have got the lip liner that gave us the precise shape, the lip stain is basically for when the lipstick wears off over the top from eating and drinking, things like that, so you are covered on all bases and this isn’t going anywhere.


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