Makeup Made of Wine – Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Lip Tints

Wine Made Makeup

They are famous Wine packaging lipstick, so I am going to buy all Wine lipstick, lip pencil, eyeshadow. A variety of lipstick with lipstick pen, I also bought a lip balm and finally it, I bought a shadow board, two Sweet Wine Red Wine plate, and natural really pretty. I bought both because many likes the scent of red wine.

So I have to use lipstick I first want to use is Wine lip balm, I recently had a little lip dry. So I was looking for a good lip balm I feel very good. Maybe you look for staining. But more like natural Pink lip color, when buying lip balm. You can use more partial Color lip balm. Compare oily feeling on me like oil, do not like slippery oily. But this just increased moisture.

On the part of the sponge may be used in the inclination effect chromaticity I love him packing Looks like red wine bottles. Is the reason I bought that because I want to help you review. Because I know the Korean brand Very attentive on the packaging, is the fact that I think they concentrate on the packaging. They forget that money on makeup effects. I bought beautiful eyes when commodity. The doors are usually let me down. In terms of quality with makeup, I want to see I hope not let me down. I used $ 90 in this commodity. So, Labiotte! You better do well.

The first color is Lipstick red wine. This is a relatively smooth color. Then I bought the color is “PK03”. Are secretly little pink roses I do not like the color, I do not like very bright or pale pink, because I look like a ghost I look sick or I really like this product because it is smooth Xi also very happy because to feel wet but not too bright. So this is the color PK03. The next product is the “melting Wine” series. I want to see CR02 Is coral, it is also good.

The next color is RD01 a little orange pink on the inside, so it is still in the coral area, but relatively deep orange. If you use a color tilt effect would be more natural, but this plan relatively heavy orange. There are two from the “melting Wine” series I want to see PK02. This comparison purplish, I hope Huan purple with pink. These compare with the temptation sexy color. This is very transparent. Color much weaker, it was completely purple.

Now I want to try PK04, the PK04 is that I will use the everyday color I do not like that Pink or another. Secretly colors I am more partial. My lips but more my color I think this product is very simple to use, it will slip up. But when I see definitely not my lip color relatively brighter pink I like this product. All the products accept the first color too bright.

In addition to that great moisturizing lip balms, not too bright and not too wet or not sticky is perfect. The RD 04 is more like salmon-colored. Brighter and red, however, more like a salmon color with orange. In fact, I like the “MAT” series than the “bright” series, not dry, very moisturizing and soft, good fun.

The last color is “Fitting” series Color RD 01 coffee is very beautiful red. This is what I was looking for colors I was looking for the perfect Brown like the red vampire, very beautiful, especially when dating, so beautiful and opaque.


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