Makeup Tips – How to Choose the Best Lipstick Color

Best Lipstick Color

There are so many variables on this subject. What I want to say to you is it is going to depend on day or night, if it is dressy, if it’s casual. Do you want to highlight your lips or your eyes? There are so many variables.

The warm red, acceptable in most cases in the evening for dark colored skins. I’m giving you generalizations.

The cold pink color, which is a great color for almost everybody with the right liner, this is a neutral soft color. This color goes with almost everything. There is no way for me to tell you that there is one lipstick color or how to pick a lipstick for yourself.

The best way to pick a lipstick for you is to go try a lipstick. If you want to go to a department store and try on their lipsticks or have somebody there help you decide what is a great color for you then that is a good thing, that is a good easy way to do it.

Depending on the color of your liner your lipstick can change dramatically. So you can get a great neutral color for you, get a plum liner, your lipstick is going to have a more plum look, get a brick type of liner, you are going to get a brick look. You can change the color of lipstick with liner. It is just exactly right for your skin tone. You can fill your lips with a lip liner but keep that in mind.

Just clean off this lipstick and the reason that this is a great color for you, is it picks up the beautiful freshness of your skin. We also picked a blush earlier that would work with this lipstick, so you are going to match your lipstick to the blush and to the occasion.

Some generally lighter and neutral colors in the daytime and more intense darker colors in the evening, don’t forget the lip liner changes the color of almost every lipstick.


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