The History of Lipstick


I can hear it now – who thinks about the history of lipstick?

In the first place, we are still in some entirely discouraging and troublesome financial circumstances. Second, lipstick is an ideal approach to liven up a bleak day and add some shoddy chic to our “closet.” At last, a short take a gander at the history of lipstick will ideally engage and remove you from your every day drudgery.

Lipstick, trust it or not, has a fairly impressive history. Old Egypt, Ancient Greece, Samaria, Babylonia – these are the circumstances and places in which lipstick had its foundations. I picture Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra – would you be able to see her abandoning her lipstick? Obviously, it’s implied that the lipstick of yore is in no way like our lipstick of today.

The correct birthplace of delicious lips is a town called Ur which was situated outside of Babylon. Around 5000 years prior, to be correct, women would pulverize semi-valuable stones, blend them with a pale material, and spread them on their lips. Red was the shade of decision. The Egyptian ladies utilized the purplish-ruddy shading in iodine and bromine which prompted passing and malady. What cost for magnificence, eh Brutè? Concerning our companion Cleopatra, would you trust her lips were enhanced with a glue of ants eggs joined with carmine scarabs? Indeed, even in those days, ladies needed that sparkle we find in shimmery, iced shades of lipstick. Prepared for this – they utilized fish scales to get that sparkle and pull in those charioteers.

Would you be able to envision putting a wonder such as this on your lips? A more sensible option at that point was henna. I’ll go for the henna and swear off the sparkle, much thanks. Ahead we go to the Elizabethan Age. This was the time, on account of Queen Elizabeth I, where lady looked like strolling carcasses – faces painted white and lips – discharge red.

We are moving toward a more present day creation in this age what with lipsticks produced using beeswax and plants and blooms. Amazement, astonish – men weren’t going to give women a chance to have some good times, so they got in the demonstration with their red lips, as well. Along we run to the 1770’s and here poop hits the fan. In England, where we had a great time in the earlier century (though looking like demise), a law was passed restricting lipstick – or any cosmetics, so far as that is concerned – in light of the fact that it implied a lady was a tempting witch!

Indeed, even Queen Victoria was a lipstick party-pooper. Hopping ahead to after World War II, lipstick encountered a big deal recovery!


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