The Perfect Nude Lipstick and Top 5 Nude Lipsticks

Nude Lipstick

The nude lipstick, so whether you all it a neutral lipstick, a natural lipstick, or a nude lipstick, all about that perfect color which is very similar to your natural lip color but really helps to amp it up a little bit. So, finding the perfect nude lipstick is a super duper difficult struggle, trying to find that shade which doesn’t wash you out and make you look really ashy, or sort of pale or ghostly and ghastly can be something that can be incredibly difficult, especially if you are somebody who has a fairer, more porcelain skin tone like myself, finding something that doesn’t make you look lighter or more dreary than you already do is something that can be a real challenge.

So first up to find your perfect nude or neutral lipstick color you want to be wearing absolutely nothing on your lips and ideally no makeup as well, and what you want to do is sort of pop your bottom lip down and have a little bit of a look as to what that color is and that is a pretty good indication as to what you want your lipstick color to be in terms of the perfect neutral so, natural lip color can sometimes look a little bit washed out and a little bit bluer, grayish. But for the most part it has got a little bit of pink in it and generally, that is what my perfect natural lip color is going to look like. So I have got a shade here which looks to be a really great neutral color for you.

Now to find out whether or not it is going to look any flattering on my skin tone, I am going to take a clean fingertip and I am just going to apply a little bit of lipstick onto that fingertip, now the texture of your fingertips is very similar in terms of texture and color as to what your lips are? So that is why it is a really great way to test out any lipstick and see how it is going to look on you and then you want to hold that finger up to your mouth and you just want to smile and make a couple of funny faces here and there just to see how that color is going to look on you and that technique can be used for any lipstick. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a neutral one.

Pink Nude Lip Balm

So first up I have got the go-to pink nude lips and it is a very great lip balm, very hydrating and one of my all-time favorites. So when I saw this I certainly couldn’t wait to try the version which had a little bit of color in it so this actually does have quite a bit of color as you can see by the swatch here it is beautiful pinky nude, it is very flattering, very gorgeous, great when teamed with a smoky eye and it is very hydrating as well and it also had spf 15 in it as well, it has a little bit of transparency to it so it looks flattering on almost every single skin tone now the only way I feel I can accurately describe this lip balm is that it makes your lips look like a babies so, when you think of a babies lips they are very beautiful, they are very plump, they are very pouty and gorgeous and I feel like that’s exactly what this does to my lips, they are very beautiful, very hydrated, they are very gorgeous looking and I absolutely love this lip color.

Burt’s Bees

Next up I have got the Burt’s Bees. It is 100% natural lipstick in the shade 501 blush basin so this is another one of my all-time favorite nude, neutral lipsticks, it is a beautiful shade with quite a bit of pink in it and it is beautifully flattering on people with a lighter skin tone like mine. This shade is a little bit darker and is a little bit rosier but that doesn’t make it any less flattering, plus these lipsticks are super-duper creamy and don’t dry out your lips and generally tend to be quite flattering no matter what kind of texture you have on your lips.

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon

Next up is the Burt’s bees 100% natural lip crayon in the shade 405 Sedona grains of sand. You are not hallucinating this is indeed another lipstick from Burt’s bees in my opinion. Burt’s bees do some of the best nude and neutral lipsticks on the market and it doesn’t matter what brands and what price points we are talking here. They really do an amazing range of nude and neutral lipstick shades that always seem to flatter my skin. So this one is a little bit more natural, it doesn’t have as much pink as the other Burt’s bees shade. So it is a little more beige but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful and any less flattering, in terms of formula. I am a huge fan of these Burt’s Bees lip crayons. I love basically all the shades, they all have great pigment and they are all really gorgeous and these ones have a matte finish, they are very long lasting, as I said it is a little bit more beige than the other shade but it still a really great beautiful shade nonetheless.

Essence Lipstick

Next up is a lipstick from essence, so essence is one of my favorite brands on a drugstore level and this is one of my all-time favorites from a drugstore brand, this is the velvet matte lipstick in the shade 23, and it’s a really beautiful shade, it is a little bit pinker than the others and it is a little bit lighter. But as I said it is still a great shade, it is still really beautiful and still really flattering. So this one definitely does have a little bit pinker in it and is a little bit lighter.

Balm Girls Lipstick

Finally, we have got a lipstick from the balm and this is the balm girls lipstick in the shade Mai Bills Be Paid, so this is one of the first nude neutral lipsticks that I ever discovered, it is a really great shade, it is a little bit nude than all the others, a little bit more beige than all the others and it is a little bit darker but either way still love it, still think it is a great lipstick. This is an absolutely beautiful nude on me and it is quite neutral and a little bit darker, my only complaint with this lipstick is that it does have quite an intense peppermint smell and that can sometimes leave a little bit of a tingle on my lips. So just be wary of that if you do have sensitive lips.


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