The Trick To Making Any Lipstick Matte

Making Lipstick Matte

If you love the matte lip trend but find that look liquid lipsticks are just too drying or if there’s a lip color that you love that you wish came with a matte formula. Here are three cheap and easy ways to mattify lipstick:

1. The first step is to choose your lip color. But you can go the nude you can go the brown a red whatever you want. The lip color doesn’t matter so the lip color of your choice on my first tip is to blot your lip with a piece of tissue. This technique is perfect for somebody who’s looking for a soft matte look versus something that’s very matte and powdery looking. Take this piece of tissue and fold it in half and blot your lip with it and I like to take it on the inside too. So just to make sure you got everything and it was nice and even but once you are done, you are left with a perfectly matte lip.

2. Tip number two is to go in with a piece of tissue over your lips and use a brush to apply some setting powder. This technique gives you the benefit of having a super matte lip without it being overly drying because the tissue controls how much powder is actually absorbed into your lips and still absorbs the moisture. But you don’t get that powdery residue on your lips that are very drying sometimes. So separated this piece of tissue just to get a really thin sheet you want to thin keep the paper because you have the powder to be able to go through it

  • Take some setting powder and dip brush directly into it and do a few taps tap off the excess and you will see that there is some powder on the brush.
  • You are going to take the tissue and put it flush against your lips. So take the tissue put it directly against your lips and then you’re going to take the brush and brush over it.

3. The third technique is to apply eyeshadow or translucent powder directly onto your lips. Prefer translucent powder over eyeshadow because eyeshadow is a little bit trickier not everyone is going to have an eyeshadow color that matches their lip color unless you want to actually change maybe the undertone or just the color altogether for your lip color.

For this technique you can use your fingers you can use a brush or use a beauty sponge. Just dip it directly into the translucent powder and then once you have the powder on whatever you are using just press it directly into your lips and you just want to rub it in.

Out three techniques this one gives you the most matte lip because the powder is going directly onto your skin and absorbing all of the moisture. It is a lot more drying than the other two techniques. It is the positive thing about applying powder directly onto your lips. Aside from the fact that it is the most mattifying out of the other techniques is that the powder helps set the color onto your lips so that it lasts longer and it makes it transfer proof.


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