Turn Any Lipstick Holographic – Does it Work?

Holographic Lipstick

We are going to be talking about a product I can supposedly turn any of your lipsticks holographic. It’s showing up in so many different beauty products shown up in clothing and shoes like it’s literally everywhere holographic.

So there are two Shades

  1. Cyber opal
  2. Cyber sky

Obviously, this one is more white and pink and this one is more like white and blue. They are both considered top coats that are meant to give you more holographic effect to your lip color.

So this is a 3D liquid lip color, multi-dimensional pearls illuminate lips with the most intense pigments for Voluminous holographic. Reflection and they also claim that the formula is very moisture rich and very soft and it’s meant to be very long wearing. Get that opalescent shine all day long apparently.

They do recommend using the top coat over one of their molten metal lip shade. Which are basically like a liquid lipstick with a metallic finish? So we are just going to use it on some other brands and metallic lip.

Cyber opal

It’s so pretty and a lot more pigmented. And I thought it was going to be, so it’s not like a pink reflect it. It would be like really sheer. So this is how cyber opal looks on the lips. It looks similar to how it did in the swatch, so just got like a white base to it, and it reflects a beautiful pink. But it’s still giving you very chrome kind of finished, and it’s definitely more than like a metallic lip color.

Cyber skies

It’s just a lot bluer when it hits the light. And it looks a lot more holographic than the pink because that one really looks more holographic when we were watching it, so this all looks way more holographic to you.

Both of those colors are kind of streaky obviously when I put them on because they are glosses. And it is not like a really opaque color, it is quite Holographic because all of the colors of the rainbow are being reflected. It’s very unique, they are trying to make holographic like the new lip finish.

The cyber opal which is more like the pink reflectance this one definitely isn’t as metallic as the other one though, so this is the metal lipstick on its own now.

Let’s apply our top coat that is meant to make it more holographic, this is like the ultimate gloss. It is literally a highlighter and a gloss form so we definitely created a more wearable Shade. It reflects like a pinkish pearl color. I would say it’s got more like an iridescent to it instead of a holographic field. It’s definitely on another level though like it’s not just a metal finish. It’s not just a gloss finish.

Adding the cyber sky on top

The blue reflects in it, just makes it look way more holographic than the pink one. So this is what it looks like with both the top coats on top of that metal lipstick. So now let’s try it on top of a regular Lipstick to make sure to look like any regular lipstick holographic or if you have to make it work by using a metal Base by mixing them both together and really packing it on you.


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